Answers to excerise 2

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1. The Author is Ken I think he is reliable because Associate Director of the Florida Solar Energy Center.

2. I couldn’t find out who the author was! I don’t think this is a reliable source to use for a research project because there is no author and you cant check the reliability of the author.

3. The author is a attorney who has has practiced law for a long time and has an interest in special cases such as the outlawing of cigarettes inside and the war against weed. I think he would be knowledgeable  about laws regarding smoking but not on smoking itself.

4.  the king center site is sponsored by  Mrs. Coretta Scott King and is a memorial for Martin Luther King. The king site isa memorial and an organizing helping with programs and such

5. I think this website was written for the general public, it was published by the center of disease control. I think that the center of disease control is a reliable source because the center of disease control researches everything.

6. the National Rifle Association of America sponsors this website. and they are pro guns.  This is not site is certainly biased. I think you could use this website because its official.

7. No I don’t think this website could be used for a research paper because the author is not creditable

8. no I don’t think this would be acceptable either

the source I decided to evaluate was my 10 thousand villages


I couldn’t find an author other than the company

I don’t think its really reliable

The company is 10 thousand villages

it does provide alot of info about the company and I think its reliable

the purpose of the website is to sell

Their annual report is provided as souces

yes  I think it is reliable




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Different Interent source

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I Looked up violent crime on google news and alot about gun violoence came up. Also I found out there has been a 20 % increase in violent crime! It also directed me to Wikipedia. I was amazed that wikipedia also gives you other countries definition of violent crime example. Next I tried google scholar. I found an interesting scientific paper. What causes Violent crime. Its just the abstract but ya know!

Web site evaluation.

Site 1: Evaluating someone with an eating disorder

The Author was the Dulcinea Media writing team. I couldn’t find one specific author. However when I looked though their website the they have pictures and brief descriptions/ credentials of each writer on their team.

In order to read all the information on the page I would have had to click on a bunch of other links. The page was well organized however.

I think I could use this site for a school project seems alright.

Site 2:

Beth Lynne is the author of this article. They even link ta page about her.

Articles are put on this website by the a users and writers and it edited by Cindy McGlynn.

I think I could use this in a paper if I was talking about this subject but as research

Site 3

This is the website for National Confections association.  This mission of this site is to promote their company.

I don’t think this is the most reliable source.

Site 4

The purpose of this site is to compile knowledge about the 20th century that is prevalent and could have impacted the political scene.

I think this is an authoritative site because it seems to have a curator I cant really find anything that would not make this an authoritative site

I think this is an authoritative site!

Site 5

This site was made by the life science Foundations and a company called pifzer

I think this is a fairly reliable website they are definitely trying to push drugs

to find out about nicotine addition you could probably go to web MD


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Information on the web

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I really don’t know what I would do without the internet. I use the internet so often to research things,talk to people, shop,and like everything. The great thing also is that the older the web is getting the more knowledge is out there. I’m pretty sure I can find information on literally anything. Reliability is questionable sometimes. Those search engines that we went over in class are so awesome. I wrote them down and tried most of them out when I was looking for information on my paper topic. They were super helpful. Zontero is also so helpful! I didn’t have Firefox before this however so when I downloaded it I was really surprised ! Firefox rocks ! My internet explorer has been really slow lately. I thought I would include in my presentation an argument against foreign aid helping 3rd world nations.http://www.newmediaexplorer.org/sepp/2005/06/04/third_world_economy_is_foreign_aid_destructive.htm

Zontero is officially amazing I have lost great sources because I forgot the web address! so amazing!

While I was searching the web I found this! since hurricane season is coming up I found the forecast for storms! we can expect between 9 and 15 lol. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/47554992

In conclusion I am able to find such random information about practically everything I can think of but its hard to be sure! Being able to tell the difference between reliable information such as http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/47554992 the hurricane forecast is fairly reliable because it comes from US forecaster but the fail blog like is more funny than knowledgeable.  Like I said I have no clue what I would do without the internet! ridiculous right?

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My topic and sources

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The effect of the internet on the economic growth of 3rd world countries. Sources:




http://www.ehow.com/info_8292585_positive-trade-third-world-countries.html http://idisk.mju.ac.kr/WebLink/ckchoi/20059FinalVersion.pdf

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Anyone want a kitten! they are cute!

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Thing 4

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First I explored wikipedia and found out that is is all copyrighted under the creative commons.  I really like wikipedia and love how it has a bit of information about everything! I read that article by Dennis T. and Alex A. Avery and thought it was quite interesting. Im a biology major and im always looking into organic food becasue of the hormones used and animal abuse. I would like to know where this paper got it’s facts. The hormones used by many dairy farmers are carcenogens. Increased steriod use and antibiotics in farms effects the human endocrine system in many ways.One of the requirements to be an organic farmer is that the animal must be alowed outide to graze. Some farms keep chickens in tiny cages staked on top of each other. The chicken never sees the sunshine. I buy organic because I like to reduce the amount of carcenogens I put in my body and I refuse to support animal abuse. There is much debate over this subject and I would like to bring attention to some reasons. The large companies pay for some research and any statistic student could tell you its easy to lie though statisctics in science. So look who funded the research!! These people sited no research! I have done alot of research on organic food and its not “hocus pocus”. All I can say is do the research for yourself dont belive random articles because it might not be true. companies use the interent to spread their desired opinion. Most private research shows that the hormones found in milk cause breast cancer, pancreotic cancer, While these mainly deal with dairy farms and insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-1). European nations and canada banned non- organic milk( milk with igf-1) becasue of its correlation with cancer. The Cancer prevention corelation suggests drinking organic milk due to the known carcenogens in non- organic milke http://www.preventcancer.com/consumers/general/milk.htm  Finally before I hop off my sand box! If you still arnt all about organic milk research the Monsanto Corporation. The are the producers of this chemical in milk and will loss billions if the US banns their drugs. They have shaddy business practices and if you want to know more just ask me I have done alot of research on organic products!

now that im off my soap box Ill go back to homework!…

Some goals for this summer..

Show my horse( and win)

have my dof lilly become a certified therapy dog

get my experimential learning credit done


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Social Networking Comparison

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My comparison of the three different social networks Plurk, meetup, and Ning

For lacking a better way to discribe Plurk, It seems like twitter mixed with pintrest.It was free to sign up. I liked how it has different catagories that you can explore. When I clicked on the different catagories all the posts were really random though. I also did a twitter search on plurk and found out that plurk doesnt allow you to  update to your website using your phone. while browsing I found this comment and laughed so I figured I would share: Laurensghost “I once thought Chipotle was a off-the-beaten-path local restaurant in Maryland because I never saw the chain in my neighborhood.

Ning surprised me, its expensive! I tryed to make a free trial account but they required you to give a credit card. It was hard to find much on the acual website but wikipedia was very helpful. It is like a webbrowser but also a social network… I think.  Bing just came out with almost the same thing, for free. Here is an article about it.  I think its a good idea and pretty cool as well but way to expensive!

Meetup is cool! I would have joined if it was free. It seems like a great idea to make active groups with people then go do stuff! I think its perfect. The only draw back I can think of is that its never good to go meet people who you only know from the interent. There are definitally creepers. I like how they have it set up that you search things with your zip coade and groups come up! I found some good reveiws for the site as well.

OH lord so facebook….

The articles about facebook privacy made me look at my seting on my facebook. Turns out i have like the lowest secruity level. I went back and incresed my facebook security. They really dont make it easy to edit facebook settings!

I also found this while trying to update my facebook security and thought it was very helpful!


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Thing 2: Microblogging

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My twitter user name if Effie Jones, and I have had the account for a few months. I follow a few of my freinds and some businesses that Im interested in. Its always good to see whats going on. Some of the topics that were trending tonight were pretty interesting: 100thingstodobeforeidie, Bestnightever, and glee finale. The tweets about 100 things to do before I die were pretty funny. Then I search Canada. I found out :


It is free to walk from the U.S. border into Canada, but it costs 50 cents to walk back into the U.S

Lol oh Canada…..

I search Redbull next and found some awesome quotes. my favorite was:

Red BullRed Bull@redbull

Go forth, and be a force of the awesome.


Then I clicked the # discover link. It showed a bunch of top stories right now. I found out that in the 2012 london olymipics Zara Phillips will be carrying the tourch with her horse toytown. I read an article about falcons. I found out that falcons are missing some genes regarding their immune system.  Next I expore the @ Connect and found all my past conversations.

Zara Phillips and the olympic tourch: http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/olympics2012/7630/312690.html

Falcons immune system: http://content.usatoday.com/communities/sciencefair/post/2012/05/falcons-pose-evolution-puzzle/1

Finally Micro blogging is definitally a cool way to keep up with everything and everyone. I think it has become a major source of information in everyday life. I never relized that microblogging was things like twitter!

On a side note : I think I would like to do a presentation on the influence of the internet on our knowlage base of forign countries. In particular I think that increased usage of the interent thoughout the world will lead to a better understanding of other cultures.




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Blogs: post 1

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After reading Wikipedia’s entry under “Blog” the 3 things that most stood out to me was:

1. the diverse uses of blogs including personal journals, story telling, reverse blogs, subject specific blogs, and news.

2. Web 2.0’s new tools for creating and mainting blogs have lead to the evolution of blogs. now they are user freindly and almost anyone with interent acess can have and maintain a blog. ( on a side note I remember HTML and Im very happy people don’t use it any more)

3.   It is very interesting to read about the impact that blogging has had on employment, politics, and global issues. I have had freinds in the past mention that they had to sign a contract to not post anything online about the company that they work for. However I never thought that companies could dismiss an empoyee over a blog. the example of the flight attendent and google employee were very interesting.

Finally I would like to mention bloggs and advertising. I have seen more and more advertisments on blogs and have heard that  people make money off their person blogs by advertising! ……

My experiance with blogs has been limited to school projects. Last semester I took the class digital story telling. Part of the curiculum was to set up and use blogs. Though that class I have aquired the umw blog and a blog effiejones.com. I think it is interesting to have and maintain a blog and a very interactive way to have a class!

The quiz…

I took the quiz about how much we know about the interent and it turns out I dont know much. lol I scored a 2 ! Interesting quiz though!

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My final project

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enjoy the tutorial in information is found under the tutorial section!

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