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June 20th, 2012 by summer and fun things · 1 Comment

I really love the google alerts It sent me the best stuff! I found out that they are tearing down stores kinda by eagle landing and to make a hotel. Here is the article. Apparently the hotel/ eagle landing brings in a lot of funds….. so the government is going to more money …hmmm.. seems like a ligament waste of a lot of money! Next I made a google alert for veterinary medicine. I found out that an elephant is in need of super large contacts! who knew! I think I like this a little more than google reader.. just because I get stuff in email form! i find it a lot easier to keep up with.

Digg and Redit are fun! I found a ton of articles that i really liked, and that was interesting.  I found one hating on the catholic church that offended me. While im not particularly religious but what happened to basic respect… just saying!

I also found a odd one on whiskey and the Nissan Leaf. I had a hard time understanding what they were trying to say but I would like to hope the whiskey is fuel for the neon leaf! lol

Well what a class! I would definitely do it again! I learned so much about the internet. I learned different perspective people have. I fell in love with google reader and more recently google alerts! SO …. Thank you! I had fun taking this class


finally just for a laugh:

THis is from the show Wipe Out.. If you havn’t seen it you should!



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  • Alan Levine // Aug 3rd 2012 at 12:25 pm

    Hi! it’s great to see you are still using your blog after starting with ds106.