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June 15th, 2012 by summer and fun things · 2 Comments

To be honest forums and boards make me nervous! maybe I watched one too many episodes of criminal minds but THINK OF THE SERIAL KILLERS! i mean your chatting, meeting up with,or informing people who u are and where your going to be. perfect for a mass murderer to find you! I realize this is paranoid but who wants to be chopped up and buried in a psychopaths garden. serial killers + criminals try to catch people at their most vulnerable, just saying! watch criminal minds or locked up abroad!  but I can see some benefits I feel like educational collaboration could lead to great breakthroughs. The vacations talk could be sketchy! just remember that if anybody offers you tons of money to go over seas and carry “stuff” back to the united states, SAY NO. NO, watch locked up abroad you will get thrown in Cuban prison! Smuggling drugs will never turn out well!

Board like blackboard and such useful. I always like to keep track of school stuff and it worked well. Canvas works well and I like it! almost all colleges uses something like black board. Its a really boreing video but if you want to learn a bit more about boards that colleges use here is a video!

I have always found canvas useful too!  I like it that you can talk to people in your class and your teacher about the assignments and stuff! right useful if you ask me! what did people do before they had canvas to keep track of their grade? guess work takes time and can nerver be accurate because of participation grades! UGH STRAIT UP FRUSTRATING! Imagin all the paper work you would have to keep? you would have piles and piles of papers and tests! it would be horrid! so finally for a laugh….

just be warned the language is a little much and there are some disturbing pictures! This is from people of wallmart!

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  • terra // Jun 17th 2012 at 9:08 pm

    LOL! yeah, I loved watching criminal minds. I am usually fairly cautious when it comes to internet. One thing my family said to me was “If someone knows where you are, that means they also know where you aren’t!” And I think of that everytime i see someone posted that they are going to be somewhere at a certain time, or even in Facebook when you just simply say … at the movies! Of course most of us don’t have friends on our facebook that would do something like rob our houses, but still… c’mon. I am fine with Canvas, but none of my art teachers have used it. We would just talk about our grades or get it on a piece of paper lol!

  • ehenniga // Jun 18th 2012 at 9:10 pm

    I agree. I am always nervous about posting whee or even who I am on the internet because of people like from that show. Although I think that much of that paranoia is uncalled for (famous last words) and that most of other people on the internet are just trying to talk and reach out to other people with similar interests. I know that sounds very naive but I’m sure the poor soul who is getting ignored thanks to Ion television.
    I have always had problems with canvas though so i think the professors should just hand me a piece of paper.