Document Sharing

June 13th, 2012 by summer and fun things · No Comments

with the advent of the cloud the web 2.0 comes may copyright issues. one of these issues is  violation of copyright though document sharing. while most document sharing is fine because it is a public document. music file sharing might be a lot more sketchy. I always knew it wasn’t exactly legal but i didn’t think it was out rightly illegal!! I figured that if it was illegal then the software wouldn’t just be out there! ya know ! But I found out that they can fine you 750$/song! I’m officially uninstalling utorrent! it increases chances of getting a virus on your computer anyhow. I also found a website with a ton of legality stuff in different countries. I can understand the legal benefits of file sharing as well. Its a great way to get files quickly( files that your allowed to have).  But what files are you allowed to share anyhow. Funny story, apparently file sharing in Canada is legal– ay?

I have to wonder though,in 10 years how will the government deal with copyright infringement. its not all bad !peer to peer filesharing is go. being able to share files is quite amazing! what would we do without it! collaboration is a good thing, some of the best products come from collaboration and if physical distance is involved file sharing is a must!

the cloud has revolutionized the internet. we can compute more faster. the cloud can do things like predict that a computer could never. while some aspects such as music file shareing is sketchy and gives file sharing a bad name. Its still important.

finally just for a laugh


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