Social Bookmarking and Tagging

June 12th, 2012 by summer and fun things · No Comments

I had never heard of social bookmarking before this class. I really like the idea! its cool! I joined delicious and just love it! the site has like everything and a ton of interesting stuff! I feel like this would be perfect for group research projects so that sources can be shared. delicious is kinda like a more grown up pintrest! kinda lol! I found famous wonders of the world! and a ton of associated stuff like hotel information and travel sites near¬† the said wonder! so then I went and checked out sports because I can’t wait until football season! it brought me to ESPN online and I got to check who the redskins picked up in the draft!¬† I also found a weird article ( which was a staff pick ) about the recent “zombie” attacks. I think its a little paranoid! maybe too many video games!

but just in case ! here is the Zombieland rules!

Tagging is something Ive known about since last semester. I can see why its practical but i don’t like to tag things! maybe its just laziness but i don’t know! I’m not into tagging things its kind of more of a pain than anything but. It help categorize and organize the web so definitely a good thing! I found amazon is working on tagging to make things easy! Tagging does seem to help organize and makes documents easier to find!

In conclusion social bookmarking and tagging documents is definitely a cool part of the web 2.0

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