the effect the internet has had on third world develoment

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1st: the definition of 3rd world.

2cd: economic benefits of the internet in 3rd world countries

10 thousand villages is a non-profit organization who buy crafts from artisans in 3rd world nations. 10 thousand villages use fair trade in dealing with artisans from across the world. fair trade is when a company buy crafts from artisans a pay a fair living wage for the product. a representative from  10 thousand villages sit down with the artisan and discuss what a living wage is to them.  the internet aids in this process by allowing artisans to send pictures of their product to representatives.

Eco-tourism. Eco-tourism brings in money by tourists exploring natural wonders.

3rd: Education

the internet allows easy access to education. some education benefits include reading, writing, and vocational training. more information

A major university which University of South Africa uses the internet to communicate with its students

In India the internet has been used to improve literacy.

4th: agriculture

Farmers can access new products such as genetically engineered produce. this is beneficial because genetic engineering can prevent crop death due to disease and pests.

In India the internet is used to improve agriculture though a company called Tarahaat

a particularly good website for internet benefits in Africa was : was http://www.un.org/en/africarenewal/vol12no3/internt1.htm


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