Pod Casts

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Podcasts are my favorite! I found a great one called yogamazing. The guy who does this is named chaz. he is very good at yoga and makes fun routines. that is the great thing about podcast. they are easy to use,find, and watch/listen to. I usually use iTunes to find podcast I like but after searching the internet and looking at the programs provided in the blog, i found out that there are tons of programs that are used to find and download podcast. I think podcast alley is my second favorite. For making podcasts im all for Audacity. I have the program on my computer as well as AVS. AVS is a video editor and can also make podcasts in a video format. It can be free if you can deal with a water mark in the middle of your video. unfortunately I want to wait to share my podcast I created because I need to ask the others in my group!

Some really cool podcasts  I found are :

IMAX under the sea

Eco gee

So I was cruising the internet looking for things that make me laugh and I found awkward family photo’s¬† WIN!


but I digress.

I’m kinda sad I didn’t find a podcast’s of photo’s like this! I found a nitch if someone wants to make a podcast!

I looked on itunes and I found the top 10 of each country! Top 10

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