Virtual world: second Life

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Today I took a look at the blog post Virtual world. I am so surprised I never knew stuff like this existed.¬† This really creeps me out! you just don’t know who these people are! it seems like a perfect outlet for serial killers!¬† On a lighter note, it seems cool! I joined the second life community and picked the blond avatar with nice shoes. I’m surprised at the limited amount of avatars. When I first looked at the site I thought it was like the Sim’s game. I have so much fun with the Sims game. I love using the cheats and making my Sim the best house. unfortunately I get bored really easy soooo…… It doesn’t always last long!

I was worried about online crime so i decided to see if second life has any connection to real world crime. good news on that front! no serial killer stories just church! LOL

However I am not the only one that is concerned¬† check out this paper on crime and the virtual world! How scary !!!!! some psychopath befriends you with horrid intentions!!! Haven’t you seen Criminal Minds!!

Anyhow…. I joined second life and had a look around! it was quite novel!

Person preference however, i don’t like it! There is nothing in the world like dipping off the top of a mountain and shredding what you thought impossible! that mid air feeling when jumping a horse! sitting at the top of a huge mountain you just climbed and watching a sunset! I like to play! the internet can be as 3D as it comes but the feeling isn’t the same!

just not the same!why bother with a second life when you can do that!

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