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If by chance you cant find the exact image you want on the internet (as rare as that is), you can make it! when an photo or video is Photoshopped it sounds sketchy, but it can turn out awesome. I have had  flicker account for a half of year and it pretty cool! I mainly used it for my last class digital story telling but its still useful.  I usually use Facebook for my pictures so everyone who is in the picture can have it as well. I think that is the only limitation of flicker. Its hard to let your friend who is in the picture take and use the picture, if they want. But anyway..Photoshop! I made this picture in digital story telling! LOL Abraham Lincoln and captain hook were besties, didn’t you know!

Here is the URL if you want to visit this on Flickr  http://www.flickr.com/photos/effie22/6905970271/sizes/m/in/photostream/

I use the Flickr Photoshop program a lot but also a program called gimp. And I’m pretty sure its still free!! whooo!!!!

Internet images aren’t always the best thing. Drunk and unfortunate pictures happen but make sure you get rid of them the best you can! Everyone is on facebook even future employers and they are looking for the best! Here is an article about it! Employers Look At Facebook,too


But its not all bad internet images! Here are some irreplaceable contributions to today’s society~

Get a cat they said...

Hahahaha creepy cat

Lol. Dogs always looking to get their mouths on our food....


So back to serious stuff!

I checked out the flicker tour and the Library of congress photo stream. Both were interesting! I have been on flickr for a bit so the tour was nothing really new! I have never seen the library of congress photo stream, so that was cool! I didn’t know you could invite friends to see your collections and pictures of them! It seems like a lot of work though! I think I like facebook better in that arena.  Finally my picture above is in the commons! 🙂


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