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1. The Author is Ken I think he is reliable because Associate Director of the Florida Solar Energy Center.

2. I couldn’t find out who the author was! I don’t think this is a reliable source to use for a research project because there is no author and you cant check the reliability of the author.

3. The author is a attorney who has has practiced law for a long time and has an interest in special cases such as the outlawing of cigarettes inside and the war against weed. I think he would be knowledgeable  about laws regarding smoking but not on smoking itself.

4.  the king center site is sponsored by  Mrs. Coretta Scott King and is a memorial for Martin Luther King. The king site isa memorial and an organizing helping with programs and such

5. I think this website was written for the general public, it was published by the center of disease control. I think that the center of disease control is a reliable source because the center of disease control researches everything.

6. the National Rifle Association of America sponsors this website. and they are pro guns.  This is not site is certainly biased. I think you could use this website because its official.

7. No I don’t think this website could be used for a research paper because the author is not creditable

8. no I don’t think this would be acceptable either

the source I decided to evaluate was my 10 thousand villages


I couldn’t find an author other than the company

I don’t think its really reliable

The company is 10 thousand villages

it does provide alot of info about the company and I think its reliable

the purpose of the website is to sell

Their annual report is provided as souces

yes  I think it is reliable




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  • terra // Jun 3rd 2012 at 10:56 pm

    You are amazing! lol you really answered each question on the blog. I wasn’t certain if he really did want us to literally put down the answers. Hopefully that is something that will get discussed in class and if he will let me correct it. I don’t think you have any clickable links in this blog, do you?

  • summer and fun things // Jun 4th 2012 at 9:10 am

    Lol Thanks! oops I messed it up!