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I Looked up violent crime on google news and alot about gun violoence came up. Also I found out there has been a 20 % increase in violent crime! It also directed me to Wikipedia. I was amazed that wikipedia also gives you other countries definition of violent crime example. Next I tried google scholar. I found an interesting scientific paper. What causes Violent crime. Its just the abstract but ya know!

Web site evaluation.

Site 1: Evaluating someone with an eating disorder

The Author was the Dulcinea Media writing team. I couldn’t find one specific author. However when I looked though their website the they have pictures and brief descriptions/ credentials of each writer on their team.

In order to read all the information on the page I would have had to click on a bunch of other links. The page was well organized however.

I think I could use this site for a school project seems alright.

Site 2:

Beth Lynne is the author of this article. They even link ta page about her.

Articles are put on this website by the a users and writers and it edited by Cindy McGlynn.

I think I could use this in a paper if I was talking about this subject but as research

Site 3

This is the website for National Confections association.  This mission of this site is to promote their company.

I don’t think this is the most reliable source.

Site 4

The purpose of this site is to compile knowledge about the 20th century that is prevalent and could have impacted the political scene.

I think this is an authoritative site because it seems to have a curator I cant really find anything that would not make this an authoritative site

I think this is an authoritative site!

Site 5

This site was made by the life science Foundations and a company called pifzer

I think this is a fairly reliable website they are definitely trying to push drugs

to find out about nicotine addition you could probably go to web MD


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