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Google Alerts and Digg, Redit

June 20th, 2012 · 1 Comment

I really love the google alerts It sent me the best stuff! I found out that they are tearing down stores kinda by eagle landing and to make a hotel. Here is the article. Apparently the hotel/ eagle landing brings in a lot of funds….. so the government is going to more money …hmmm.. seems like a ligament waste of a lot of money! Next I made a google alert for veterinary medicine. I found out that an elephant is in need of super large contacts! who knew! I think I like this a little more than google reader.. just because I get stuff in email form! i find it a lot easier to keep up with.

Digg and Redit are fun! I found a ton of articles that i really liked, and that was interesting.  I found one hating on the catholic church that offended me. While im not particularly religious but what happened to basic respect… just saying!

I also found a odd one on whiskey and the Nissan Leaf. I had a hard time understanding what they were trying to say but I would like to hope the whiskey is fuel for the neon leaf! lol

Well what a class! I would definitely do it again! I learned so much about the internet. I learned different perspective people have. I fell in love with google reader and more recently google alerts! SO …. Thank you! I had fun taking this class


finally just for a laugh:

THis is from the show Wipe Out.. If you havn’t seen it you should!



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forums and boards

June 15th, 2012 · 2 Comments

To be honest forums and boards make me nervous! maybe I watched one too many episodes of criminal minds but THINK OF THE SERIAL KILLERS! i mean your chatting, meeting up with,or informing people who u are and where your going to be. perfect for a mass murderer to find you! I realize this is paranoid but who wants to be chopped up and buried in a psychopaths garden. serial killers + criminals try to catch people at their most vulnerable, just saying! watch criminal minds or locked up abroad!  but I can see some benefits I feel like educational collaboration could lead to great breakthroughs. The vacations talk could be sketchy! just remember that if anybody offers you tons of money to go over seas and carry “stuff” back to the united states, SAY NO. NO, watch locked up abroad you will get thrown in Cuban prison! Smuggling drugs will never turn out well!

Board like blackboard and such useful. I always like to keep track of school stuff and it worked well. Canvas works well and I like it! almost all colleges uses something like black board. Its a really boreing video but if you want to learn a bit more about boards that colleges use here is a video!

I have always found canvas useful too!  I like it that you can talk to people in your class and your teacher about the assignments and stuff! right useful if you ask me! what did people do before they had canvas to keep track of their grade? guess work takes time and can nerver be accurate because of participation grades! UGH STRAIT UP FRUSTRATING! Imagin all the paper work you would have to keep? you would have piles and piles of papers and tests! it would be horrid! so finally for a laugh….

just be warned the language is a little much and there are some disturbing pictures! This is from people of wallmart!

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Google reader or RSS

June 14th, 2012 · 1 Comment

Last night i joined google reader. Im pretty sure its the best thing since sliced bread. I subscribed to everything. Lately I have been contemplating getting a magazine subscription to national geographic or in shape magazine but with Google reader I can have both. unfortunitly scientific america is not on the web or I would have joined that oo I now get my workouts, news entertaining stuff just sent to me. however this raise the question of what am I going to do with my new found free time? IM sure I can think of a few things lol.
I also sent my quiz to everyone and did everyone who sent me their quiz! unfortunately im about to dash and go get a cap put on my tooth so anything sent this morning will not get done! Im barley finding time to do this! ugh rough 2 days but this is my Friday! I checked out the other RSS thing My yahoo and blog lines but I didn’t like it as much! I use google plus so its much more convenient to use google reader! and it makes subscribing so easy! I read up on everything! I also made a net vibes account and it was pretty cool! I would rank it equal with google reader. but I feel like I’ll never use it cause its just another site . ya know?  Finally I looked up some critiques of google reader! It cant be all good ya know! Finally I love to put stuff just for a laugh at the bottom so here it is! 🙂


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Document Sharing

June 13th, 2012 · Comments Off on Document Sharing

with the advent of the cloud the web 2.0 comes may copyright issues. one of these issues is  violation of copyright though document sharing. while most document sharing is fine because it is a public document. music file sharing might be a lot more sketchy. I always knew it wasn’t exactly legal but i didn’t think it was out rightly illegal!! I figured that if it was illegal then the software wouldn’t just be out there! ya know ! But I found out that they can fine you 750$/song! I’m officially uninstalling utorrent! it increases chances of getting a virus on your computer anyhow. I also found a website with a ton of legality stuff in different countries. I can understand the legal benefits of file sharing as well. Its a great way to get files quickly( files that your allowed to have).  But what files are you allowed to share anyhow. Funny story, apparently file sharing in Canada is legal– ay?

I have to wonder though,in 10 years how will the government deal with copyright infringement. its not all bad !peer to peer filesharing is go. being able to share files is quite amazing! what would we do without it! collaboration is a good thing, some of the best products come from collaboration and if physical distance is involved file sharing is a must!

the cloud has revolutionized the internet. we can compute more faster. the cloud can do things like predict that a computer could never. while some aspects such as music file shareing is sketchy and gives file sharing a bad name. Its still important.

finally just for a laugh


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Social Bookmarking and Tagging

June 12th, 2012 · Comments Off on Social Bookmarking and Tagging

I had never heard of social bookmarking before this class. I really like the idea! its cool! I joined delicious and just love it! the site has like everything and a ton of interesting stuff! I feel like this would be perfect for group research projects so that sources can be shared. delicious is kinda like a more grown up pintrest! kinda lol! I found famous wonders of the world! and a ton of associated stuff like hotel information and travel sites near  the said wonder! so then I went and checked out sports because I can’t wait until football season! it brought me to ESPN online and I got to check who the redskins picked up in the draft!  I also found a weird article ( which was a staff pick ) about the recent “zombie” attacks. I think its a little paranoid! maybe too many video games!

but just in case ! here is the Zombieland rules!

Tagging is something Ive known about since last semester. I can see why its practical but i don’t like to tag things! maybe its just laziness but i don’t know! I’m not into tagging things its kind of more of a pain than anything but. It help categorize and organize the web so definitely a good thing! I found amazon is working on tagging to make things easy! Tagging does seem to help organize and makes documents easier to find!

In conclusion social bookmarking and tagging documents is definitely a cool part of the web 2.0

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the effect the internet has had on third world develoment

June 11th, 2012 · 1 Comment

1st: the definition of 3rd world.

2cd: economic benefits of the internet in 3rd world countries

10 thousand villages is a non-profit organization who buy crafts from artisans in 3rd world nations. 10 thousand villages use fair trade in dealing with artisans from across the world. fair trade is when a company buy crafts from artisans a pay a fair living wage for the product. a representative from  10 thousand villages sit down with the artisan and discuss what a living wage is to them.  the internet aids in this process by allowing artisans to send pictures of their product to representatives.

Eco-tourism. Eco-tourism brings in money by tourists exploring natural wonders.

3rd: Education

the internet allows easy access to education. some education benefits include reading, writing, and vocational training. more information

A major university which University of South Africa uses the internet to communicate with its students

In India the internet has been used to improve literacy.

4th: agriculture

Farmers can access new products such as genetically engineered produce. this is beneficial because genetic engineering can prevent crop death due to disease and pests.

In India the internet is used to improve agriculture though a company called Tarahaat

a particularly good website for internet benefits in Africa was : was http://www.un.org/en/africarenewal/vol12no3/internt1.htm


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June 8th, 2012 · 2 Comments

Video’s are embedded everywhere throughout the web. you tube in particular is the biggest movie outlet there is! I have an account on youtube it doesn’t have too many interesting things but check it out! here is a cool video I remixed! Its harry potter and the deathly hollows in black and white!

I used AVS Video editor to edit this and I used Pwnyoutube  to get trailers for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.

I was walking the dog in Fredricksburg the other day and I found this phone lying on the ground! When I tried to find the owner I discovered this video! You should watch it!


You can do a lot with video editors and you have to be careful because of course not everything you find is real . there is a lot of video on the internet it is hard sometimes to find video that is legit! there used to be a website called surf the channel. It recently got closed down due to its sketchiness.  Im pretty sure it pushed the bounds of legal videos. It showed TV shows and movies for free! Great website but questionable legally speaking.

Just for a laugh…

In conclusion there is a lot of video out there.  remixes, personal video’s, TV shows, Movies ect   Its the best, info and entertainment available at the tips of everyone’s fingers! Gotta Love 2012!

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Pod Casts

June 7th, 2012 · Comments Off on Pod Casts

Podcasts are my favorite! I found a great one called yogamazing. The guy who does this is named chaz. he is very good at yoga and makes fun routines. that is the great thing about podcast. they are easy to use,find, and watch/listen to. I usually use iTunes to find podcast I like but after searching the internet and looking at the programs provided in the blog, i found out that there are tons of programs that are used to find and download podcast. I think podcast alley is my second favorite. For making podcasts im all for Audacity. I have the program on my computer as well as AVS. AVS is a video editor and can also make podcasts in a video format. It can be free if you can deal with a water mark in the middle of your video. unfortunately I want to wait to share my podcast I created because I need to ask the others in my group!

Some really cool podcasts  I found are :

IMAX under the sea

Eco gee

So I was cruising the internet looking for things that make me laugh and I found awkward family photo’s  WIN!


but I digress.

I’m kinda sad I didn’t find a podcast’s of photo’s like this! I found a nitch if someone wants to make a podcast!

I looked on itunes and I found the top 10 of each country! Top 10

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Virtual world: second Life

June 6th, 2012 · Comments Off on Virtual world: second Life

Today I took a look at the blog post Virtual world. I am so surprised I never knew stuff like this existed.  This really creeps me out! you just don’t know who these people are! it seems like a perfect outlet for serial killers!  On a lighter note, it seems cool! I joined the second life community and picked the blond avatar with nice shoes. I’m surprised at the limited amount of avatars. When I first looked at the site I thought it was like the Sim’s game. I have so much fun with the Sims game. I love using the cheats and making my Sim the best house. unfortunately I get bored really easy soooo…… It doesn’t always last long!

I was worried about online crime so i decided to see if second life has any connection to real world crime. good news on that front! no serial killer stories just church! LOL

However I am not the only one that is concerned  check out this paper on crime and the virtual world! How scary !!!!! some psychopath befriends you with horrid intentions!!! Haven’t you seen Criminal Minds!!

Anyhow…. I joined second life and had a look around! it was quite novel!

Person preference however, i don’t like it! There is nothing in the world like dipping off the top of a mountain and shredding what you thought impossible! that mid air feeling when jumping a horse! sitting at the top of a huge mountain you just climbed and watching a sunset! I like to play! the internet can be as 3D as it comes but the feeling isn’t the same!

just not the same!why bother with a second life when you can do that!

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Images and the internet

June 5th, 2012 · Comments Off on Images and the internet

If by chance you cant find the exact image you want on the internet (as rare as that is), you can make it! when an photo or video is Photoshopped it sounds sketchy, but it can turn out awesome. I have had  flicker account for a half of year and it pretty cool! I mainly used it for my last class digital story telling but its still useful.  I usually use Facebook for my pictures so everyone who is in the picture can have it as well. I think that is the only limitation of flicker. Its hard to let your friend who is in the picture take and use the picture, if they want. But anyway..Photoshop! I made this picture in digital story telling! LOL Abraham Lincoln and captain hook were besties, didn’t you know!

Here is the URL if you want to visit this on Flickr  http://www.flickr.com/photos/effie22/6905970271/sizes/m/in/photostream/

I use the Flickr Photoshop program a lot but also a program called gimp. And I’m pretty sure its still free!! whooo!!!!

Internet images aren’t always the best thing. Drunk and unfortunate pictures happen but make sure you get rid of them the best you can! Everyone is on facebook even future employers and they are looking for the best! Here is an article about it! Employers Look At Facebook,too


But its not all bad internet images! Here are some irreplaceable contributions to today’s society~

Get a cat they said...

Hahahaha creepy cat

Lol. Dogs always looking to get their mouths on our food....


So back to serious stuff!

I checked out the flicker tour and the Library of congress photo stream. Both were interesting! I have been on flickr for a bit so the tour was nothing really new! I have never seen the library of congress photo stream, so that was cool! I didn’t know you could invite friends to see your collections and pictures of them! It seems like a lot of work though! I think I like facebook better in that arena.  Finally my picture above is in the commons! 🙂


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