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First I explored wikipedia and found out that is is all copyrighted under the creative commons.  I really like wikipedia and love how it has a bit of information about everything! I read that article by Dennis T. and Alex A. Avery and thought it was quite interesting. Im a biology major and im always looking into organic food becasue of the hormones used and animal abuse. I would like to know where this paper got it’s facts. The hormones used by many dairy farmers are carcenogens. Increased steriod use and antibiotics in farms effects the human endocrine system in many ways.One of the requirements to be an organic farmer is that the animal must be alowed outide to graze. Some farms keep chickens in tiny cages staked on top of each other. The chicken never sees the sunshine. I buy organic because I like to reduce the amount of carcenogens I put in my body and I refuse to support animal abuse. There is much debate over this subject and I would like to bring attention to some reasons. The large companies pay for some research and any statistic student could tell you its easy to lie though statisctics in science. So look who funded the research!! These people sited no research! I have done alot of research on organic food and its not “hocus pocus”. All I can say is do the research for yourself dont belive random articles because it might not be true. companies use the interent to spread their desired opinion. Most private research shows that the hormones found in milk cause breast cancer, pancreotic cancer, While these mainly deal with dairy farms and insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-1). European nations and canada banned non- organic milk( milk with igf-1) becasue of its correlation with cancer. The Cancer prevention corelation suggests drinking organic milk due to the known carcenogens in non- organic milke http://www.preventcancer.com/consumers/general/milk.htm  Finally before I hop off my sand box! If you still arnt all about organic milk research the Monsanto Corporation. The are the producers of this chemical in milk and will loss billions if the US banns their drugs. They have shaddy business practices and if you want to know more just ask me I have done alot of research on organic products!

now that im off my soap box Ill go back to homework!…

Some goals for this summer..

Show my horse( and win)

have my dof lilly become a certified therapy dog

get my experimential learning credit done


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  • ernie // May 28th 2012 at 5:13 pm

    Nice post. See about categorizing your blog posts and including more or even some images.

  • gaisie98 // May 31st 2012 at 5:13 pm

    I really like this post, i was a little confused on what to do on this blog but this is a perfect example as to what to do. It is well researched. About the chickens in tiny spaces, i watched a documentary on that during freshmen year when i was taking science issues. Animals should be raised in healthy condition for healthy and good product. goodjob great post.