Social Networking Comparison

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My comparison of the three different social networks Plurk, meetup, and Ning

For lacking a better way to discribe Plurk, It seems like twitter mixed with pintrest.It was free to sign up. I liked how it has different catagories that you can explore. When I clicked on the different catagories all the posts were really random though. I also did a twitter search on plurk and found out that plurk doesnt allow you to  update to your website using your phone. while browsing I found this comment and laughed so I figured I would share: Laurensghost “I once thought Chipotle was a off-the-beaten-path local restaurant in Maryland because I never saw the chain in my neighborhood.

Ning surprised me, its expensive! I tryed to make a free trial account but they required you to give a credit card. It was hard to find much on the acual website but wikipedia was very helpful. It is like a webbrowser but also a social network… I think.  Bing just came out with almost the same thing, for free. Here is an article about it.  I think its a good idea and pretty cool as well but way to expensive!

Meetup is cool! I would have joined if it was free. It seems like a great idea to make active groups with people then go do stuff! I think its perfect. The only draw back I can think of is that its never good to go meet people who you only know from the interent. There are definitally creepers. I like how they have it set up that you search things with your zip coade and groups come up! I found some good reveiws for the site as well.

OH lord so facebook….

The articles about facebook privacy made me look at my seting on my facebook. Turns out i have like the lowest secruity level. I went back and incresed my facebook security. They really dont make it easy to edit facebook settings!

I also found this while trying to update my facebook security and thought it was very helpful!


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