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After reading Wikipedia’s entry under “Blog” the 3 things that most stood out to me was:

1. the diverse uses of blogs including personal journals, story telling, reverse blogs, subject specific blogs, and news.

2. Web 2.0’s new tools for creating and mainting blogs have lead to the evolution of blogs. now they are user freindly and almost anyone with interent acess can have and maintain a blog. ( on a side note I remember HTML and Im very happy people don’t use it any more)

3.   It is very interesting to read about the impact that blogging has had on employment, politics, and global issues. I have had freinds in the past mention that they had to sign a contract to not post anything online about the company that they work for. However I never thought that companies could dismiss an empoyee over a blog. the example of the flight attendent and google employee were very interesting.

Finally I would like to mention bloggs and advertising. I have seen more and more advertisments on blogs and have heard that  people make money off their person blogs by advertising! ……

My experiance with blogs has been limited to school projects. Last semester I took the class digital story telling. Part of the curiculum was to set up and use blogs. Though that class I have aquired the umw blog and a blog effiejones.com. I think it is interesting to have and maintain a blog and a very interactive way to have a class!

The quiz…

I took the quiz about how much we know about the interent and it turns out I dont know much. lol I scored a 2 ! Interesting quiz though!

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