My final project

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enjoy the tutorial in information is found under the tutorial section!

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Tutorial on photo editing!

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where that guy come from lol

Who knew President Lincoln knew captain hook! ? I used paint and Gimp to create this image. I started with gimp and cut out captain hook. Then I pasted captain hook into this vintage picture with President Lincoln. Next I changed the color so that the color tone matched throughout the picture. Finally I moved it to paint to save it and get it to Flickr. I haven’t figured out how to save pictures in Gimp.  I love this picture because nothing seems off at first! Captain hook blends right in. and then you notice it!


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My thoughts on ds106

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In class we were asked to write a short paper on our thoughts about this class! I thought it was a fun class and very informative! I thought that alan L ( our teacher) was very helpful and knowlageable. He really made it fun! The only bad thing about the class was the amount of work and little heads up about the work! I felt like the class was targeted for students that arent full time! Sometimes I felt the amount of work assigned was strait up impossible and it stressed me out so much! I feel like 4 credit labs are less demanding! I couldnt do all my other class work and ds106 work and it is a 3 credit gen ed! so stressfull! But other than that I learned so much! I think I would have learned more though if we had fewer assignments and could put all our efforts into a few projects instead of ruching a ton of projects! Over all a great class I really apprecitate all the help that Alan L gave me! he is great at explaning the internet and all things blogging so thanks!

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My final project tutorial

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For my final project I decided to do a horror short! I was kinda inspired by the blair with project! To begin I enlisted the aid of my brother andy! We went hiking on these random trails behind his place in charrlettsville! I had never been out that way before and had no idea wht to expect! so we started hiking and found all these creepy things! you’ll see! we made up script as we went and video taped everything in 3 to 4 minute segments! Its easyer that way to email the video from my phone to my computer! once I managed to email all the videos to my computer that process alone took a week! then I started editing in AVS video editor! I picked out the creepyest moments and strated putting together the story! My story is that my brother and I find out about treasure from the older people in our town! we go looking for this treasure! when it all goes wrong! we go though this tunnle with creepy graffite and some evil spirit begins to follow us! we come across this crazy statue! It is completly faceless I think it might be a statue of the grim reaper looking back! Finally we come across this house where it looks as if someone has been living! Andy sees something and you never see us again! all you see is a creepy figure walking after us. After I edited all the video to fit the story that i made up. the next step was to add background music and special effects! I choose background music I liked the begining song is tounge tied by group love! great song! I choose it for the begining song because it is upbeat! after the tunnle when things go wrong I choose parts of the song by M8P soon my friend.  I used the first section of the song on repeat becasue I really liked the music. Then I added effects to the film! I used the polarized effects thoughout the second half of the movie to try and amp up the creepyness! FInally I tuned the color to be more contrasted and darker! I hope this tutorial will help and enjoy the short! 🙂

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