Week 3 Response

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This week’s assigned reading by Tim O’Reilly and Bryan Alexander gave me insight into what the web 2.0 and digital storytelling are. I personally found Bryan Alexander’s Web 2.0 storytelling very helpful in explaining what digital storytelling is, and different types of digital storytelling. Tim O’Reilly seemed much vaguer. Finally The Seven Things You Should Know about Creative Commons was a helpful reference on what is acceptable sources of information in a blog.

Bryan Alexander’s Web 2.0  Storytelling was an interesting read. I had never heard of Blogs such as Flight Risk, Dionaea House, and Project 1968. I never realized that people treat blogs as an interface to tell a non-fiction/ fictional story. Looking at what we are doing in class now with our own blogs makes much more since as storytelling. I was particularly interested in the Dionaea House, It seems very creepy! Also Blogging stories seem to give an awesome ability to the reader to comment in the story!

Tim O’Reilly’s What is the Web 2.0 left me with more questions than answers. The Web has evolved since it was created; I don’t understand how the web was remade to be the 2.0 version. I understood the concept to be an easy way to refer to the natural evolution in technology.

Finally reading the The Seven Things You Should Know about Creative Commons helped me better understands copyrights. I have been worried lately that posting random pictures off the internet is illegal due to copyright infringement. This article put me at ease.

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